Part 1

This self-study, online component consists of six interactive elearning modules which actively guide participants through the knowledge requirements for psychology supervision. Most participants will complete the modules in about 7 hours, although some may take up to 10 hours and others will finish more quickly.

To begin

  1. Scroll down to Module 0: Introduction to Psychology Supervision and click on the Launch button.
  2. Click on the ‘Complete‘ button on each page to mark your progress.
  3. After you complete each module, you must complete a Knowledge Assessment. You must get at least 80% of answers correct to continue to the next module.
  4. You need to complete all activities in the module before you can move to the next module. Check that you’ve clicked on every activity if you seem unable to proceed.
  5. For participants who are from a non-clinical specialist stream, please note that, although most examples have a clinical focus, the competencies are generic and the examples illustrate general principles that you can apply to your own practice area.